You have been programmed and dumbed down in public schools. You have been programmed and dumbed down in Church. There is a, “Deep State” in the church. There is a force that is working to destroy the Christian church. Look around, look at the fruit. The same thing happening in our culture is happening in our churches.

Christians dismiss the Truth out of hand because, “I haven’t ever heard that before, it can’t be true.” Really? How stupid are you? These people who have been going to the same church for 40 years say that. Well then, get out more and see the world there pal.

There is so much in the Bible people don’t know. When was the last time you heard about the Nephilim in your church? It’s clear in Genesis 6 that there were giants in the earth. Abraham Lincoln talked about them in a speech at Niagara Falls. This is history that has been forgotten, why?

There is a great deception that has occurred. Not only that, Christians will not open their eyes to see it. They do not question the status quo, in Church, or in Government. This is a dangerous place to be, chosen ignorance. Wake up church. Wake up Christians. Be led by God, not by man.

And don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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