Listen folks, we can look up at the stars and look for all the signs and wonders we want. What does it do for us? How does that help us better live our lives? It’s great knowledge to know, sure, but don’t get sucked into it. If the rapture is coming, there’s nothing you or I could do about it. More than that, it doesn’t change how we should be living anyway. We are to preach the gospel, that doesn’t change whether the rapture is now or 1000 years from now, or never.

This distraction has hamstringed us in the real fight that’s going on. That is the fight around us every day in our lives. You are to LIVE like Christ, not just look for signs when He’ll come back. Nobody will know, as says the Bible, so get with the program and start DOING something for Christ.

BE Christ-like, don’t just talk Christ-like. By the way, Pass the Salt.

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