God is the same in the beginning, middle, and end. He changes not. The same principle that applies in Psalms applies in Matthew, Jude, and Revelation. He doesn’t change! Part of God is love, but guess what? Part of God is Hate. He clearly states MANY times throughout the Bible that he Hates evil, he hates evil doers, and he hates those that hate him.

Once again, what is the Church? What does it mean? Don’t you think if there is a separation between the Church and State, there should be a definition? Guess what, the Supreme Court has never defined Church. They are making sweeping judgements concerning our lives, without ever asking the questions that matter.

The First Amendment protects, “Religious Freedom”. What does this mean? In modern times this has taken on the idea that it forbids congress from, “Promoting one religion of others”, according to Cornell University. The first amendment doesn’t say that. It says that nowhere. Listen folks, we have been lied to about so many things. This includes the First Amendment to the Constitution.

We need to understand that what we have been taught is laced with lies and deceit. You must open your mind and look at history and our founding through a lens that fears God first, and then the order of things will become clear.

Hey, remember to Pass the Salt.

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