Why isn’t the Church pounding on the Whitehouse door to remove abortion from our country? The Churches don’t care. Here we are, complaining about Trump for not doing what he said, he doesn’t have any allies. The Church has remained silent, why would he support us? The Church isn’t doing what it said it would do. Keep people moral. Train them up in the way they should go. We aren’t keeping our end of the deal, so why should Trump?

We’ve taken the scouting report from Jesus, and used it as a clock on the field. The Church is counting down to the end of the game, the rapture. They’ve given up before the game is over. They’ve taken a knee and are running out the clock.

The Church is not the bride of Christ. The Church is the body of Christ. We have neutered the Church in our minds. The Church is waiting to meet the husband and have Him take care of everything. The Church doesn’t do anything, because it’s just waiting to be saved at some point in the future. You are already saved, so get to work now.

America is getting dark because the light has gone out. There is no better time to Pass the Salt.

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