The Salt and Light Brigade is still down there in Texas. We have helped feed people, and are now helping people clean out their houses. Rich rented a Bobcat and cleared out an entire lot for some people. This would’ve taken them days and weeks on their own. Rich, Ray, and others did it in a day. Thank you for your support that made this possible.

The key to Christianity we are missing is action. The reason your children aren’t Christian anymore is because you never DID anything to BE Christian. You went to church, that’s it. Why didn’t you fight in the halls of the state house? Why didn’t you go to the abortion clinic? Why didn’t you Do the work of the ministry and save people? That’s why your children aren’t Christian anymore, you never did anything.

The NFL is evil and it is financed by the Deep State tax dollars. Many of the stadiums have been built on tax dollars. The NFL has no incentive to support the people, they are paid for by the government! They are going to do what their master wants them to do. That master is lucifer.

Look at the halftime shows! They are openly demonic in nature, and masonic luciferian worship sessions that the entire United States watches. It. Is. Evil. Open your eyes, see the two Kingdoms and start heading toward the right one.

Hey! Pass the Salt!

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