What you believe affects how you act. What you believe affects how you interpret the world around you. When Christians believe that we win in the end, and we don’t have to do anything in this life, guess what? THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING IN THIS LIFE. It’s not complicated. You serve the God you see, and for most American Christians, the God they see isn’t the Almighty God.

You have been given the power to DO. Jesus Christ has given Christians the power to DO the work of the KINGDOM. We aren’t supposed to just sit and watch it happen. We are supposed to go out and DO it.

The thief that John talks about in the Bible isn’t the Devil. Read it and let me know when it becomes the devil, because it never will. The thief is the fake pastor spewing lies from the pulpit because he doesn’t CARE about DOING the work of the ministry. He cares about killing, stealing, and destroying the God-given gift you have inside you to do the work of the kingdom.

Get outside the four walls of your Church and encounter Christ. Do it before it’s too late.

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