The Fearful and Unbelieving | Coach Dave Live | 1-30-2020

Coach broadcasted from Caribou, Maine.  “We have a leadership crisis on our side of the fight.” Said Coach.  “We’re going to go visit Senator Susan Collin’s office after the show to ask her which side she is on.”

Coach asked what our side can do to impact the world.  The Huddle discussed what can be done.  Can you name one brave Christian man in the nation.  At minute 12 the Huddle discussed what Christian courage looks like in our day.

At minute 25 the Huddle looked at Revelation 21:7-8.  We feel helpless because of a lack of leadership.  Fear is conquered by courage.  A Huddler commented that Donald Trump has given Republicans a “glimmer of a spine.”

There were 100,000 people at the latest Trump Rally in New Jersey.  Twenty six percent of the attendees were Democrats.  Is Jesus just your prayer answerer?  He was the bravest man to ever live.  It takes courage to confront wickedness.  Jesus is our example.

God don’t want no coward soldiers in his band.

At minute 41 the Huddle talked about a Sheriff candidate in Ohio who is campaigning for the second amendment and then examined the example of courage provided by King David when he fought Goliath.

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