The team is coming together in Texas. This week the Salt and Light Brigade is helping the victims of hurricane Harvey in Port Arthur. Men are gathering from all over the country down there to MAKE THE CHURCH GREAT AGAIN.

Listen folks, it’s not just about them. It is about you. When you get off the pew and do something for Christ, it changes you. It makes the Kingdom real. It makes Jesus’ sacrifice real. It strengthens you to become that new man God wants you to be.

The glory has left the church. The spirit goes where people are raising up the Kingdom of God, and guess what? That brick building on the corner called a, “Church” isn’t it. The religion of modern Christianity isn’t where the spirit is, and people know it, that’s why “Churches” are dying. The “Churches” are no different than the world, so why would you go?

The salt that is supposed to be the Church is moving on, and it’s in people like Dale Sochia, Rich Smith, and the men and women standing up and doing something for the Kingdom.

Get up and help someone, you’ll see the person who needs the most help is you.

Let Justice be done in the name of the Lord, Amen.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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