Christians are afraid of making sacrifices. We need to move from idle talk to action. We are going to have to put skin in the game to move the ball down the field. 10 people are being arrested for trying to stop abortion, they are now being tried in court under the, “FACE” law. They are willing to put skin in the game, we need to follow their example.

Jesus said it many times in the New Testament. He has given us great power. The power of Christians is enormous, because it is power given by God. What is that power? The greatest power God has given us is the power to control ourselves. When we are able to control the flesh, we can do anything.

There is going to be a time when we look back and say, “I could’ve done more”. We could have done more to save lives. There are lives of children being taken away in abortion clinics everywhere. Not only are people doing very little, they don’t even care. There is a time when life will have meaning again, and we will realize what we have done through our lack of action.

Selfishness has a price.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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