Christians are full of pride. The reason they rebel against Donald Trump as president, is that they called it so wrong. They are unable to swallow their pride and admit they are wrong. Another reason is that they want to fail. If Trump succeeds, and miraculously pulls America out of the mire of debauchery and sin, then the rapture is delayed. Modern Christians are playing to lose, and if we happen to win, that’s no good. Insanity.

Negative press is good press. In the land of God’s truth, any press is good press. As long as the truth is being spoken, it doesn’t matter where it is being spoken. The Huddle is being picked up by popular left websites and they are our biggest fan! This is fantastic news for God’s people. When detractors rail against you, know that they must read God’s truth to be able to attack it. This is a good thing. Concentrate on speaking God’s word and you have nothing to fear.

Our Country is divided and has been divided for a long time. There are different regions with different qualities, beliefs, and ideologies. The reason this has happened is the destruction of Christianity in America has allowed differing beliefs and an extreme lack of unity to flood in.

Melania Trump opens the rally in Florida with the Lord’s Prayer. Let’s remember, folks, these are the words of Jesus. Melania Trump, the First Lady, spoke the words of Jesus Christ to the entire world. I’ll give that a moment to sink in. Melania Trump, the wife of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, said the Lord’s Prayer, word for word, to the entire world. Praise God.

Stop being afraid. Wake up and start moving. We have God on our side, and he is clearly pissed at the left. Psalm 2, God will deliver the heathen to us. Now we just need to act like it. Pass the Salt.

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