The Holy Spirit dwells in you. You don’t have to go to church to, “Find Him”. He’s already there. You have the power of God inside of you. If you are born again, you are born again in the Holy Spirit, and that Spirit is inside you all day, every day.

Read the first six chapters of Acts. Underline every time it says, “Bold”. The Holy Spirit gives your boldness. He eliminates fear and is the spirit of righteousness in you.

The job of the church is to go out IN boldness to speak the truth. It isn’t to, “Bring people to Jesus!”. It’s to speak the truth to them, so that they may save themselves.

The gospel is spread by ignorant and unlearned men. It isn’t done by professional pastors. It isn’t done by the pretty suit. It is done by the regular folk who the Holy Spirit dwells in. These men look up to heaven and say, “Lord, use me.”

In other words, Pass the Salt.

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