It’s happening folks. You need to understand. Right now the war is raging in the halls of American government. The two sides are fighting like never before, and we don’t even realize it. Donald Trump is ripping apart the Deep State in an amazing display of cunning and will. The, “Legacy” that Obama left behind is being used to destroy the Satanic Democratic Party.

Our President is under extreme danger right now. The Swamp will not be drained willingly. They are going to do everything in their power to stay hidden. They will lose. It is time to pray for not only protection of Donald Trump and the righteous men in the halls of American Government, but for the destruction of the Swamp and Swamp Dwellers.

Psalms is filled with prayers by King David for the destruction of his enemies. Pray for the destruction of the wickedness in our nation. Pray for a protection of righteousness. Pray for the insanity to end and for justice to be done. Hate wickedness, in all it’s forms.

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