Christians need to go to the courtrooms and see what goes on. The court and “Justice” system is corrupt. They are charging people money for being part of the court. When the government starts extracting fees from the people in all levels of government agency, it is corrupt. Our courts have a monetary incentive to charge you guilty. This is a conflict of interest, this is wrong, and it needs to change.

If we are prisoners to sin, why did Jesus even die on the cross? You don’t have to sin. Every time you sin, it is your fault and it is your choice. Jesus gives you the power not to sin. When you have Christ as your savior sin no longer has a hold on you. You are no longer a servant to sin!

All sins are not equal. Saying that abortion is equal to gossip is insanity. Is gossip killing a child? We need to understand that there is personal responsibility involved in Christianity. You are responsible for what you do, and what you do matters. Everything isn’t equal. Some things are worse than others.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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