Sunday morning shouldn’t be about the visitors. Sunday morning needs to be a training session. It’s about like-minded people doing the work of God. It’s not about getting more people on the team, they should already be on the team. Church members should be members, not a bunch of visitors.

The Church lost its vision and has been infiltrated by non-Christians. We have become enamored with these guests in our Churches so much that the message isn’t even what it’s supposed to be. Joel Osteen is a great example, he doesn’t even believe Jesus is the only way to heaven. The lack of “Judgement” in the church is astounding.

Churches are “Vetting” Pass the Salt Ministries. What is that? Why do they need to “Vet” us? Are they judging us on our “Righteousness” level? Hmmm. Listen folks, we make no guarantees, this deployment to Texas is going to involve risk, deal with it. We are going to a disaster area to help people, because it’s the right thing to do.

The Kingdom of God will be spread, and we are going to do it by LIVING like Christ, not just talking about it.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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