Listen folks, the purpose of government is to secure God given rights. Let me say it again. The purpose of our civil government is to secure for us the rights that GOD has given us. The federal government, or any government, does not have the right to do wrong. They have the power to be JUST. That is, morally upright. They have an obligation to uphold righteousness as the standard, not deviancy and moral decay.

This whole Judge Moore thing doesn’t even have to do with him. It has to do with us. Are we so stupid to fall for the media? Are we so morally empty that we would turn on a man like Judge Moore? Are we so anti-Christian that we would deny the redemptive power of Jesus Christ in a life? Are we so fake that we reject a brother in Christ because of something they did 40 years ago? WHAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN ARE YOU? IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER IF HE DID IT. THE MAN IS A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST AS IS CLEARLY EVIDENCED BY HIS LIFE AND STAND FOR CHRIST.

Wake up America. You need to gauge your own heart first, and if there is no sin in you, cast the first stone.

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