Understand that Churches do not want to hear the truth. David Arthur, who is an ex-tranny, was invited to a church to speak. Apparently, his testimony is too much for them. A man’s honest testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ is too much for a “Christian” church? WAKE UP PEOPLE, the “CHURCH” is just as lost as the culture! We are sheep being lead to slaughter!

It is our job to set brushfires in the minds of men. We need to go out and question their “Beliefs”, for their own sake. The truth stands alone, there is no need to justify. Plant the seeds and God will water them.

As a culture, America has rejected Jesus Christ and God as any standard to measure from. While we are being told to do the Christian work of saving kids in Africa, we aren’t allowed to uphold the moral standards of our Faith at home? Do you see the hypocrisy? Do you see the double standard the God-haters are holding over us?

Get up, get out, and build the Kingdom folks.

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