Churches today are not designed the way God intended. They aren’t what Christianity is meant to be like. It has turned into religion, with a rock star pastor, who is an entertainer more than a leader. The pastor doesn’t shepherd his flock and he doesn’t particularly care whether the people in his community grow and become independent of his leadership.

Most people watching are crushed by what has happened to their kids. Our kids are failing at life because the church is too weak, or actively working against God, in its function. Then, the kids go to college and forget about Christianity, because the Christianity they know doesn’t do anything. Modern Christianity feels worthless, because it is worthless.

The body of Christ is made up of people with many different skills and gifts. The modern Church is only the head. That is the problem. The head is considered the important body part, the others don’t matter. There is no use for other body parts. This is wrong.

Pastors are cowards. Their cowardice is destroying our kids. Christianity loses its validity and the kids go into the real world completely unprepared. The pastors cowardice is transferred into every part of our society, and it has destroyed the church, our kids, and our families.

Remember to always Pass the Salt.

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