The Maine Thing | Coach Dave LIVE | 1-29-2020

Coach had connection issues at the opening of the show.  He hosted the show from Presque Isle, Maine.  We ended up switching to the phone because of lousy internet.  He is talking from the Canadian border … Fort Fairfield.

Larry Richardson gave an update on the situation with the Corona Virus.  This is a major crisis in China right now.  Many folks around the world are concerned about the spread of the virus.  Coach reminded folks to be prepared.  Buy food so that you’re prepared for any eventuality.  85 percent of the people who contract the virus don’t die.  It is important to boost your immune system.  Think about vitamins.

“We are all in the Lord’s hands.” Proclaimed Coach.  “Let’s not be panic mongers.”  The most effective thing to do in response to the threat of the virus spreading is to self isolate until the threat passes.

Coach reported on the work he is doing in Maine.  At minute 15 he talked about the meeting he held last night.  “Satan is the author of lies.” Said Coach.  “Everything he says is based on deception.”  His greatest technique is disinformation.  “Name for me one openly Christian person in the media?” Asked Coach.  “Name for me one person who is openly professing that their position is always Christian.”

Why have we accepted the isolation they have forced on us?  Why have Christians accepted the ghettoization of their deeply held beliefs.  Someone in the huddle answered that you won’t find that person because the media won’t allow it.

There’s only two teams – the seed of the serpent and seed of the woman.  “You cannot serve two masters!” Said Coach.  Everything else has come out of the closet while Christians have gone into the closet.  Most people are totally engulfed in this confusion because they choose to keep their Christian faith isolated.

“Get me a spot right in the middle of the devil’s territory.”  Observed Coach.  “I don’t want my own radio station.  I want to be right in the middle of things.”  One flavor fits everything.  Don’t judge.  Don’t disobey the government.  Our Christian leadership is also confused.  What is the Christian perspective on the second amendment?  Should there be one perspective?

The Left is working overtime to poison the seed of the woman … the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Coach asked, “What’s the plan?”  We have got to build an army that is ready to run to the fight.  “Let’s put together a team!” Proclaimed Coach.  “We can’t win our battles divided.”

There is no unity within the churches.

“We can’t work in the church.” Observed a man who was at the meeting last night.  “The pew sitters don’t have a clue.”  A huddler observed that working to reform the church is a waste of time.  We have a Christianity that has been watered down.  “What is the purpose of your salvation?” Asked Coach.

1 John 3:8 – For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.  We are saved so that we can destroy the works of the devil.  “My personal salvation inspired me to serve my king.” Said Coach.  “While I’m here I’m His ambassador.”

We all have a network that we can influence.  That’s where it begins.  It begins right where you live.  A man in the Huddle testified, “Until I started to listen to you I thought I was alone … I thought I was crazy.” Another man testified that before he connected with the show he was starting to think he was crazy.  There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

We live in an instant information age.  We must be interested in truth all the time.

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