I’ll say it again, because it needs to be said. Feminist teachers bully male children in school. The male children are having the testosterone stomped out of them by these rabid feminist women. The entire system is crushing masculinity and destroying any form of sensible leadership by men.

You can feel it when you walk through the doors. The men are meek and silent (Just like you at home) and the women romp and rove and do whatever they want. They are crushing the spirit of the men, and it’s time to give men back the spirit that God gave them.

Men are the leaders. Men are designed to carry responsibility and deal with hard situations. Women are not. Women are designed to fall under the covering of that man, in the relationship of a husband and wife.

Men, it’s time to be men. Pray with your wife, pursue Christ TOGETHER and it will save your life, your marriage, and your soul. Get it TOGETHER, to accomplish more than you ever could alone.

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