The modern “Church” has become nothing but a social club. There is zero effort to do anything there, except get together and smile at each other. Listen folks, the Church is the salt of the earth. That means the Church affects where it is and preserves the Godliness of a place. The American Church is not doing it, it isn’t the Church.

The Mandela Effect is when many people remember something, but it didn’t actually happen or doesn’t actually exist. This could be something like the Monopoly Guy. Does the Monopoly Guy have a monocle on his eye? Look it up and what do you remember about him?

In the Bible there are verses that many many people remember a certain way, but now are not that way. We need to understand folks, we don’t know everything. The spiritual depth to our world is so deep, and yet we sit around claiming we know everything because of, “Science”.

“Science” is only a small part of this universe, and Faith is the other part that all other parts get their power. Think a little bit, question a little bit, and let God bring the knowledge.

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