Adoption is a great word. It is the taking up of another. It is the acceptance of a different belief. It is the word the Bible uses to describe what occurs between us and God through Jesus Christ. We are adopted, but we also adopt God’s belief. We adopt the idea he is the Lord over all and then he adopts us as his sons. It is an amazing thing.

Love is, “A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” Does God love everyone? Well, does He have a personal kinship with you and you with Him? The word, “Love” is so much more than we are taught. You cannot have a personal tie with God, except through Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ isn’t your Lord, you don’t have God’s love.

God does not have unconditional love for everyone. He clearly has conditions attached to his love. Now, what does God have for everyone? God has benevolent concern and love for all people. This is completely different than the familial love that God has for His children. Even in war, one side can have benevolent love for the enemy, while at the same time trying to win the war. God has benevolent love for everyone, but he still sends you to Hell if you reject Him.

And never forget to Pass the Salt.