Listen folks, Roy Moore is being slandered. The left is offering up all these people to sexual deviancy to try and prove their, “Righteousness” and then adding in Roy Moore to the mix to say, “See! We got rid of our sex deviants, you have to get rid of yours!” Are we so stupid to fall for it? I hope not.

The left hates Godly men, and they are doing everything possible to get rid of everything Godly in our nation.

The mixing of humans and technology is coming. There is Artificial Intelligence, robots citizens, and many other facets of how technology is becoming the replacement for God. We are looking to technology to fix all our problems and save us from our own sin. Guess what folks? It ain’t possible. Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who can take account of your wickedness. Bill Gates can’t do it. Artificial Intelligence can’t do it. A chip in your brain won’t do it. Jesus will do it.

Digital privacy and security is something to start keeping track of. Google is mining everything you do. Everywhere you go, and all of these systems are hackable. Everything digital is hackable. What’s the big deal? Someone can take all your data and create a fake you online, and nobody is the wiser, because everyone is all digital.

Take back your privacy, start being aware and protect yourself and your digital identity.

Don’t forget to Pass the Salt!