The censorship is coming down fast. They are trying to make it harder and harder and harder to find us. We are staying online at the website as long as possible. Realize folks, when you don’t have the right to speak truth, it’s going to get even worse faster.

Donald Trump is truly holding the door open for Christianity in America. He is standing as a defender of our Christian American heritage. The church has got to take up the mantle it is meant to. The Church must become a moral institution again, that is capable of affecting real change in the culture.

We need hard men back in America. We need hard men back in the church. Why would a man go to church? There is absolutely nothing there for him. Wake up men, become the spiritual leaders of your homes, and TAKE BACK THE CHURCH from the pussified pastors.

Our leaders are soft. America needs hard men, like Donald Trump and you, to take it back.

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