We need to create a brotherhood between Christian men. We don’t trust each other, therefore we don’t lean on each other through our struggles. This has been lost in our culture. Men have become islands unto themselves and don’t have a community of men they commune with to strengthen themselves and each other. This is a Christian tenet, to help restore each other. To hold each other accountable and build a culture of moral success. Get together and be men.

The monetary system is completely upside down. Illinois is broke, why? Well, their pension fund is 230 billion dollars under water. When a person pays $170,000 into a pension, they get 2.7 million if they live off of it for 20 years. How does that make sense?

The sodomites and luciferian left have made mental illness normal. Why aren’t Christians, teachers, or principles standing up when these kids talk about the correct, “Pronoun” and yelling, “You are mentally ill and need help.” This situation is even getting dangerous. These kids are killing their parents and harming people around them who don’t, “Accept” them. It is insanity. We must get are heads screwed on straight.

Hey, don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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