We had a fantastic event this last weekend. So many courageous men of God were there, spreading the Kingdom far and wind! The thing all these men have in common? They will never be asked to speak at a mainstream “Church”. How can these “Churches” claim to be Christian, when they won’t let Christians speak there? When they won’t actually try to deepen the faith of themselves and their flock? Flee from the “Churches” they aren’t any different than a Wal-Mart for spiritual feelings.

David Arthur is a changed man. David Arthur used to be a transgender “woman”, and is now a regular guy, who is so on fire for Christ it’s hard to look at him. And once again, guess what? Now that David is saved, the “Churches” don’t want him anymore. Hmm… Now that David is a real Christian, really calling out sin for what it is, AND GIVING THE SOLUTION, the “Church” doesn’t have need of him. The Pastors and “Churches” don’t want anything to do with the transfiguring power of Christ.

Get out of your “Church” business and come to Christ. Maybe you are meant to spread the good news in your “Church” but understand that you aren’t getting fed there. You aren’t deepening your faith there. You’ve got to get outside the four walls and build the Kingdom of God and do it with the power Christ has given you.

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