The purpose of the Church is to provoke each other to love and to good works. It IS NOT to make you feel good and happy. PROVOKE means you intentionally spur them to action. Why aren’t Churches doing it? Because the pastors aren’t provoking them.

Men have got to be men. MEN MUST BE MEN. MEN MUST BE CALLED TO PROVOKE OTHERS TO LOVE AND TO GOOD WORKS. That’s what the Church is all about.

The rarest commodity in American life is moral courage. We are so lacking moral courage. We are lacking men who stand up in front of people who hate them and declare the truth. Men stand up and declare the truth. There is one man who does it, and his name is Roy Moore.

Who are the God-haters trying to get rid of? You guessed it, Judge Roy Moore. They are slandering him, and HIS OWN SIDE is trying to get rid of him because of ALLEGATIONS against his character. Number one, Judge Moore is innocent until proven guilty. Number two, what they are accusing him of happened FOURTY YEARS AGO. What were you like forty years ago? That’s right, you were probably a wicked sinner.

Jesus Christ has redeemed us, and we are new men. Judge Moore, even IF he did it, is a new man and has been redeemed. Just look at his track record. Judge Moore is the Godliest man in our government, and Christians are turning against him because of nothing. We are playing right into their hands folks. Wake up and support Judge Roy Moore. He is absolutely a MAN OF GOD. Stop being duped.

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