If you don’t believe the Bible, you aren’t a Christian. Not too complicated. If you pick and choose what to believe out of the Bible, guess what? You are not a Christian. When someone tells you, “Well, brother… Thou shalt not judge.” Do you even understand how many others scriptures they are ignoring to come to that conclusion? The entire Bible is about judgement. The entire Bible is about God’s judgement and how to avoid it. Our job is to warn people, because we love them.

Evolution is a religion. Evolution is accepted by our public schools. Evolution is the religion of modern America. Why do you think they ask you the question, “Well, do you BELIEVE in evolution?” Belief? Believe? You mean it isn’t fact? You mean it’s a faith choice, just like Christianity? It’s a religion folks, and it’s a religion in rebellion against God Almighty.

Your kids are being destroyed in public schools. They teach your children evolution and RAIL against Christianity. That Christianity that the very calendar they keep time with is based on. That Christianity that is so much more than foolish evolution. They hate it and they hate truth more than anything.

The destruction of truth in our schools doesn’t only apply to Christianity, it applies to general logic. Kids cannot think logically any longer. They are utter fools, and want to remain that way.

Get your kids out of government schools. Pass the Salt.

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