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Who is on Trump’s side? No one. Even his own staff are against him, in some cases. His own Republican Party voted overwhelmingly against his border wall. 87-13 Republican-controlled Senate. The only way the opposition wins, is to divide him from his own people.

Abortion is THE issue, and when it falls, the whole evil house of cards is going to fall. But, Trump knows things we don’t know. He is picking his battles in the order he needs to. And the pastors don’t even care about abortion, it seems. Trump is taking on the “Wall” issue, now.

The Wall is being built. It has been for some time. Trump knows what he’s doing. He’s possibly exposing what Democrats are really about.

Go back in history, what were our forefathers reading to educate themselves. Their literature and biblical perspective was not the same as we have, today.

Go back to the apostles – Paul, Matthew, Mark, Jude, etc. In their day, there was no Bible. Their basis of knowledge came from pieces of the Old Testament, which was not completely compiled at the time of the New Testament apostles.

What is the knowledge base? Michael Heiser is an expert Old Testament scholar. He said Psalm 82 changed his whole ministry direction. God is the god of all gods. God will inherit all nations. Does that mean God is not over all the earth, right now? Are there other gods? Scripture says, “have no other gods before Me.” Does that confirm that other gods exist? There’s so much we don’t know. May we humbly seek out truth. Check out for more good teaching from Dr. Michael Heiser.

Are we only receivers, or are we transformers? We need to be more than receivers. The transformer takes a high voltage, and moves in a very small wire, reducing the voltage to 220 into a house, then split into 2 wires, down to 110. That little wire can power a whole house. Are we transformers?

Are we leaving a legacy or just a memory? Are we becoming transformers, not just receivers? We need to take the energy, and transfer it into others. Too many sit in church, waiting for the guy in the pulpit to charge us, when we should be charging others.

Legacy or a memory? Legacy or a puddle? What’s going to be left, after we leave here? Where are the ripples we are leaving?

When you receive the power from the big power plant, you reduce it down, so people can receive it. Christians are supposed to be little Christs. We are supposed to be spiritual heroes with courage and power given to us from the big power plant of Christ. We need to share the energy in ways others can receive.  We are pastors to others.

The time of visitation is at hand. God is moving. The worm is turning. Our opportunity to make a difference is determined by how much we are willing to get out of the little box and spread the ripples. We have to get outside the box of the four walls of the Church. Get out into the world. Make a difference. Something’s coming.

The deep deception of child sacrifice to Molech, is huge. We need to do more than pray simple prayers. We need to make some ripples. Big ripples. Are you making ripples? When was the last time you were convicted by the pastor’s sermon, instead of the pastor making you feel good? Is your pastor a voltage reducer? I believe the Lord is taking things the other way. We are on the precipice of a new thing. A visitation is upon us. We cannot miss this moment in history, to leave a legacy for Christ. Turn that energy into ripples.

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