The 501c3 Church is under the thumb of the government. When you marry the government, they start having a say in what you are talking about. Now, why is the government involved in the Church if there is a separation between Church and State? Why does the Church owe the government taxes when there is a separation?

We talk about this a lot, but it bares repeating, many times. We have been lied to so much. Everything we have been told is a lie. How our government operates, WHY we are where we are. Lies. Did you know the Revolutionary War wasn’t “Won”. It ended in a treaty between the United States and Britain. They had a say in how our country ran, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a treaty. There were terms on both sides, and compromise.

We MUST wake up. We must see the forest through the trees and see the Matrix for what it is. We have been lied to about EVERYTHING, but the truth is coming out. We just have to listen.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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