Sin stinks. The way to get rid of the smell? Kill the skunks early, before they get their smell on everything. We’ve got to destroy sin early, in our own lives, and then in the culture around us. We’ve got to start killing the sin, before it gets on everything. This is the call of Christians, not to go up to the skunk and hug it, destroy the sin.

Facebook is a great example of how sin stinks. All these God-haters come onto Facebook and spray their crap all over everything, so that the “Saved” won’t come and respond. There are hundreds of comments on Facebook tearing down the show, and not a single rebuke by Christians. They are attacking just so that you Christian men won’t stand up.

As Christian men we are called to take the Kingdom of God by force. Faith without works is dead. You cannot do anything spiritual without a physical element. Just as you cannot do something physical without a spiritual element. Everything is intertwined, so when we just sit back and pray, without action, what good is it? Pray for strength of action and go out and fix the problem. Christian men have got to MOVE!

The God-haters want nothing more than passive Christianity. As soon as you speak about action, then the heat gets turned up. So guess what? We need to be active. We must fight back. We’ve got to start Passing the Salt again, and doing it forcibly.

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