The Sky Hy Pyramid | Coach Dave Live | Friday November 29 2019

Bobby Lee is going to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow.  Coach and Michelle have decided to join him.  They are going to protest abortion at the only remaining murder mill in the city.

“We have to up our game,” Said Coach.  “The old techniques of sharing the gospel don’t work anymore.”

The youngest two generations don’t connect with the old methods of evangelism.  The older generations have passed on a head knowledge of Christianity.  “We haven’t passed along real Christianity.” Coach observed.

Most Americans adopt Christianity.  They are cultural Christians.  But are we Christians?  We’ve made Christianity nothing more than behavior.  This is a problem in evangelism.

Coach talked about how he introduced Sky Hi to thirty members of his family at the Thanksgiving meal.  He used Genesis 6 in his talk.

“We need to be the salt of the earth, not the waterhose of the earth.” Said Coach.  “We need to turn our focus off sin, death and hell.  We need to sprinkle salt.”

People feel shameful.  They are full of shame.

A man in the Huddle talked about how he made a connection with a man who was interested in ancient alien content on television.  The Huddler connected this man’s interest in aliens to Genesis 6.  The man decided to become a Christian before he died.  The Huddler was invited to preach the funeral.

People are convinced they are right because they believe what everybody else believes.  That, of course, is not necessarily the truth.  “The battle is always over the truth.” Said Coach.
Moral relativism has made all thoughts equal when there is only one truth.  We must be defenders of the truth.

Ask yourself why you are in a defensive posture?  Why are we Christians always on the defense?  Coach said, “We have got to put them on the defensive.”  If we don’t then the truth will fall in the streets.  They don’t want to hear THE truth, they want to hear A truth.

Our enemy is not supposed to love us.  We love him enough to tell him the truth.

People know right from wrong.  The problem is that Christianity is not taking a stand for righteousness. The truth has fallen in the Church, that’s why it has fallen in the streets.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers: Finders of Truth Keepers of Faith”

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