What is the, “Salt and Light Brigade”? The SLB is a group of people dedicated to DOING something for Christ. We are going out and holding local governments accountable, training people how to be prepared for emergencies, rebuking the evil in our nation, and pointing those people to the only answer, Jesus Christ.

The courts CANNOT make law. They have the power to, but they don’t have the authority to enforce law. There are laws being created, by the representatives, that courts are somehow making illegal. What? Courts CANNOT DO THAT. They are serving an evil agenda. Think about this, why do federal courts side WITH sanctuary cities, against federal mandates, and then side AGAINST abortion legislation at the State level. They are pushing an agenda that is evil. It’s that simple, they are agents of chaos and are tearing this nation apart.

The court system cannot make law. A law that is against God isn’t a law. Remember, Pass the Salt.

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