Be Ye Separate. Christians do not belong in this world. We serve another master, and that is Almighty God whom through Jesus Christ sacrifice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are able to serve properly. We are SUPPOSED to be persecuted! We are SUPPOSED to be separate. We are SUPPOSED to believe differently than the world, that’s the whole point. The world is corrupt and destined for failure, but through Jesus Christ we are destined for so much more than the world can offer.

Listen folks, the idea of not judging has destroyed our solid foundation. Christians are an exclusive group, built upon solid ideals and beliefs. The lie that we are inclusive and love everybody and accept sin and tolerate evil is just that, a LIE.

Moral Relativism is when people say, “Well, that’s just my belief, they believe something different and that’s right for them.” Seriously? Please tell me how THAT is a firm foundation? We are to build our house on the SOLID ROCK, moral relativism breaks that rock up until it turns into shifting sand.

Understand that there ARE morals that apply universally. When people choose not to accept them it is A SAD MOMENT. When you see people who have compromised their foundation you try and help them fill the cracks! POINT OUT WHERE THE CRACKS ARE, THAT IS OUR JOB!!!

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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