Why is it that people are guilty until proven innocent? How come the accusation alone is enough to destroy someone’s career. The University of Tennessee has rescinded an offer to a coach, based on an accusation alone by a couple people. Why doesn’t the Church realize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Going to the streets works. Requiring a standard works. Christians just must require the standard. Remove the transgender teachers. If they don’t remove them, protest. Christians must require a standard to be upheld.

The Holy Spirit is powerful. The Holy Spirit is powerful HERE AND NOW. We have been fed a “Christianity” that is powerless, because we don’t believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. We go around and think the Holy Spirit is what happens when you feel happy listening to music. We think the Holy Spirit is what throws people on the ground when you get hit in the face in church. Listen folks, the Holy Spirit is inside of you. You become a Christian, and the Holy Spirit indwells you and now is an integral part of everything you do. Keyword, DO.

The Holy Spirit grants His power to men, and we need to recognize that once you acknowledge that power, anything is possible.

What is an Evangelical? Well. In a nut shell, an evangelical is someone who thinks the entire purpose of being a Christian is to “Save” individuals. What about advancing the Kingdom? What about doing the right thing, regardless of whether people get “saved”? Evangelism is only ONE PART of the gospel, it isn’t the whole thing. There is an entire Kingdom out there, and it’s more than just the marketing portion.

Spread the Kingdom, BE a Christian, don’t just talk about it.

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