Christianity is an action faith. Christians are meant to go out and DO. To occupy until He returns. We aren’t meant to just sit in a closet and pray for things to happen. You’ve got to go out and DO the things. Pray for strength to DO the work. Men, get up and DO. Go out and CHANGE things YOURSELF. BE the someone else you are looking for.

Roy Moore is under siege by the media. He is being crushed because of an ACCUSATION about something that, may or may not have happened, FORTY YEARS AGO. Come on folks, seriously? How stupid are we. Look at Judge Moore’s track record compared to his accusers. His accusers who, by the way, are 19 REPUBLICAN SENATORS. Of those 19 Senators, about 19 of them are swamp creatures.

Don’t be duped. Why don’t we look into the past of those 19 Senators as closely as they are looking at Roy Moore? Let’s see what we can find. These people are holding the most insane double standard it makes me want to gag. WAKE UP AMERICA. STOP BEING DUPED BY THE SWAMP.

Natural. Born. Citizens. This is another tentacle the swamp has on our “representatives”. They all knew Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen. Guess who wanted to take a second look? Oh, that’s right, Judge Roy Moore wanted to take a second look at this natural born citizen problem. Guess who they are trying their hardest to get out of politics? Oh, surprise, surprise, Judge Roy Moore. Hmm. Stop being fooled America.

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