How can a culture so full of Christian churches get so far off track?

“How does something fall?”  Coach asked.  The thing that falls must be elevated to fall.  Truth is elevated.  It can fall.

The Bible says that truth has fallen in the street in Isaiah.  “Why has it fallen in the street?”  Coach queried.  Christians feel no duty to hold truth up in the street.

Ambassador Sondland’s testimony before Congress is featured in today’s show as evidence that there is no justice, and that truth has fallen in the streets.

Coach proclaimed, “We’re in the mess because truth has fallen in the streets.”  The Church is irrelevant today because it is not holding up the truth.

“They’re telling us Bruce Jenner is a woman and the church doesn’t say a thing!”  Coach said.  “The truth has fallen in the streets … and it has also fallen inside the church building.”

Justice requires punishment of wrongdoing, including the death penalty.  Jesus Christ was given the death penalty.  There is increasingly less justice in America.

Coach asked if the purpose of the show is to encourage you to just go to church on Sunday?  Or is the show supposed to expose people to the truth?

Perversion and deviance are reality, truth.  These words describe a society where truth has fallen in the streets.

How soon before pedophilia is legalized?  How long before incest is legalized?  How long before bestiality is legalized?

Truth applies on the streets as well as in the Church.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  “We have to have a baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire.”  Said Huddle participant Randy.  How can we have the Holy Spirit with no holiness.

Robert Klous shared today’s devotional from his book, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”  It is titled, “Unity in Warfare and Caution in Aiming.”

All they that hate me love death. — Proverbs 8:36  

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