Hey folks, we really need Courage back in America. We have got to stand up against the tyranny happening around us. We have got to get involved in whatever way we can. Get involved in local politics. Go to the meetings, know your selectmen, get involved!

Flip Benham was arrested outside the abortion clinic. For what you may ask? He was arrested because a woman felt threatened by him preaching the gospel to her. She was able to obtain a warrant for his arrest, without a police report. Flip Benham was arrested for nothing more than someone asked for him to be arrested, and the judge allowed it.

Tyranny is here folks. We are being censored on social media. We are being oppressed in our working environments, schools, public events, etc. Understand, the left is the minority, but they have the positions of leadership. So let’s get our heads on straight and resist the tyranny before it’s too late.

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