Terry Schiavo was a tragic event. She was a brain-dead woman who was put to death by the courts. She set a precedent that when people become, “Inconvenient” enough, we just kill them. She is the greatest example in our times of the failure of ethics and rise of the morality called, “Utilitarianism.”

Utilitarianism is the belief that something is right or wrong based on individual OR collective happiness. So, when someone detracts from happiness enough, it is deemed wrong. What?

Now, when you remove God from the equation, the only way to happiness is… More stuff (We know this isn’t true). So, utilitarianism further sends people down the highway to spiritual destruction under the guise of, “Happiness.”

Utilitarianism is the American ethic. It is how we are taught, and brainwashed, to live our lives. This view has infiltrated the church and is everywhere. Why commit an abortion? Because it would just be so hard on the parents, and therefore ruin the baby’s chances for, “Happiness”. This is the logic being spewed from the Luciferian left. It is wrong and evil.

It’s not about happiness. It’s about fearing God and keeping his commandments.

Pass the Salt.

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