Listen folks, we have been programmed into this idea that we need to present both sides of an argument. Why? Why should I present both sides to the argument, when I firmly believe one side and the other side is incorrect? We have been programmed to be our own worst enemy, proving the other sides points for them.

David Arthur is an ex-homosexual. You may not understand the significance of that, so I’ll say it more plainly. Jesus Christ completely, and radically, changed David Arthur to be the opposite of what his entire life was. David Arthur is a Christian, and his testimony is that of a complete reprobate, being redeemed through the power of Christ, into a whole man. The left hates it and the “Churches” hate it too.

The left is not simply a political movement. The left is the representation of the atheist, God-hating, people in America who want to destroy everything having to do with Christ. They are wicked people in high places who are silencing the voice of Christians because they hate God with all of their being.

This war is a spiritual one. This war has a spiritual solution. That spiritual solution is Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

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