We really aren’t in control of very much. There are so many things happening around us in the world. Disasters, government decisions, car crashes. You don’t have control over it, so you may as well not worry about it. Give it to God and move on.

The world without God is death. Godless people worship death. Everything they do is related to death. Abortion, Drinking, and drugs. All these things cause death. Through Christ Jesus you are capable of living for live. These are the two sides and the two values. Selfishness leads to death, and the world wants us to live that way. You can be free of that, Jesus Christ is for life and life abundant.

Our children are our future. The next generation is all we’ve got, and we’ve killed off most of them. Why do grandparents sit back and hang on to money then give it away AFTER they are dead? Get rid of it now! How much do you need? You are forcing your kids to send your grandchildren to indoctrination centers, childcare centers where they learn how to live like the world. Use your money and help them GET OUT.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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