The Church is full of thickets and thorns. This has happened over decades, and now we’ve got a mess to clean up. We, the caretakers in God’s kingdom haven’t done a good job at pruning and tending the trees. There’s a lot of thorny brush to clean up. We need a bobcat!

The Church ain’t a Bobcat it’s a pussy cat.

Look around your garage, your basement, material goods. We don’t need 90% of the stuff we have. We spent money and we are holding on to stuff, even if it doesn’t serve Christ. These are distractions. These are thorns that grow into thickets over time.

The principalities and powers in heavenly places are around us. They want to keep us in bondage to sin. The thicket.

The True Church is to make known to the darkness, the LIGHT. We are to cut through the thicket with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The truth healthy Church shines the Light of truth in dark places. Truth needs to be shared and heard in order for lives to be changed in God’s kingdom.

Pass the Salt!

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