Obedience is the highest form of worship. Obedience to God is worship. We have Churches filled with people who are singing songs and “Worshipping” God, and yet they don’t obey. Abortion is still legal. They don’t confront their homo son. They don’t teach and exhort their family in the ways of the Lord. It’s not worship what they are doing. It’s making themselves feel good.

Be angry and sin not. There is nothing wrong with being angry at sin. There is nothing wrong with hating wickedness for what it does to the innocent. Wake up and get real. Hating that wickedness and being angry and the destructive power it has over innocent people is an obligation is a Christian. If you aren’t angry at sin, you need to question your own Faith.

I’m tired of “Black” Christians. There are only two races of people. Those racing to Hell, and those racing to Heaven. If you are a “black-Christian”, you aren’t a Christian. This goes for any other hyphenated version. “Conservative-Christian” or anything else. You are a Christian, that’s it.

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