Today’s show features a discussion of Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals, and how the Left has strategically silenced the Church. The Church has bought into the lie that we are not to judge others. Well, in Ezekiel 22  God rebuked the prophets for NOT judging. We are to tell, especially our brothers in Christ, what the truth is, and to hold each other accountable to that Truth, who is Jesus.

Without discernment, truth-telling and judgment, the world turns into a state of anarchy. Someone has to lead. Someone has to say “no” to evil. Someone has to declare truth. If the Church doesn’t have the answers, and authority of Jesus Christ, who does? The devil.

Should we give in to the powers of Satan, because we’re not supposed to judge? No! Stand firm on God’s Word and don’t back down to evil anarchy.

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