Are we supposed to be occupying? Or are we at the point of surrendering?

Ephesians 4:11 – He gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, pastors, and teachers

Are we training up our children to occupy ? When you put your kids in Christian education or homeschool are you training them to be a Christian Navy SEAL, or just like the kids in public school, only you’re protecting your children in a little bubble  from the society?

If we see the world going to hell, why isn’t the Church doing something about it? We have no intention of influencing the culture. We just want to get people saved.

What is your church training you to do? What is your church training you, to train your children to do? Why do we have no vision at all to reclaim biblical authority in the earth? What’s our plan? Have you ever read a Bible publicly on the streets? Why not?

You can do hermeneutics, but you’re no good to anyone else, if you just have head knowledge, but cannot go to the streets.  If you haven’t done something, you’re uncomfortable doing it. You cannot teach what you have not done.  We have no occupying vision in the Church, today.

We need a reformation in the way Christians view Christianity.

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