Trump, the Bulldozer – Pass the Salt Live – 2.14.19

Down here in Florida, we have 12 states represented. Many of these guys are new friends who want to be men of God. I’m not talking about just being a nominal Christian or a carnal Christian. I’m talking about real Christians wanting to live out real Christianity. The fellowship and brotherhood of the Saints is real! I’ve got better friends than I’ve ever had.

Salt and Light Brigade huddles are growing.  Branding them with “Salt and Light Brigade” gives credibility.

Don’t let that old man in. There’s a difference between the spiritual man and the carnal man.

John 4:48 – “I have meat you know not of. To do the work of the Kingdom.” Most church people don’t even realize there is kingdom work that needs to be done. It’s not about our comfort. It’s about God’s work.

Leonard Ravenhill – Are we really saved? Or are we just lukewarm Christians. What are we saved from? Do we have a relationship with God, or have we just said some prayer, and we continue on just as they were before? What kind of a salvation is it, when we get forgiven from our sins one night, and continue to do the same things we did before, the next day.

Set your affection on things above; not on things of the earth. Do you need entertainment? Or is Jesus enough? When a man is nailed to the cross, He gives up all his rights. He can be battered and broken.

Is the world crucified to you, or  does the world fascinate you? Are we looking at the glitz of the world, or do we see the brokenness of mankind? Is the world’s evil disgusting to you, or enticing? God wants men who are drunk with the Spirit. Instead, are we eaten up with lust and pride?

It’s not enough just to go to meetings and be “challenged.” We need to be changed!

We need to exercise our gifts in the Spirit. It’s great to see men down here using their gifts. When men get to use their gifts, their faith comes alive!

Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive, to extract their body parts. Wake up!

President Trump talked about abortion at his El Paso, TX rally this week. He spoke of the Governor of Virginia’s statement wanting to execute babies after they are born. He says we are going to protect them.

Now, it’s our turn to put pressure on the politicians.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” Psalm 23

It’s not just about God blessing us and making us prosperous. Donald Trump is a bull dozer. He’s clearing the brush, and then goodness and mercy can follow him.  He’s cutting the obstacles down, so we can see what’s really going on. So, goodness and mercy can follow in the aftermath.

Oklahoma is going to abolish abortion. People are stepping up. Get in the game, people! Start where we can WIN. Slavery used to be the law, but it wasn’t right.

Is abortion the pendulum? When it swings for life, will everything else fall?

Pass the Salt!

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