Who Do We Trust? We don’t even know what it means to trust. We have come to trust that most of the media and lawyers to lie to us.

I trust people till they give me a reason not to trust them. We need to learn to trust in each other in Christ. Some say, “I don’t trust you, I trust the Christ in you.” Think of the symbol of the Cross. The relationship built between you and me is horizontal. If my relationship with Christ is vertical, it sustains the horizontal relationships.

Christ is trustworthy. I went to the local high school yesterday, and I told them they don’t understand the Gospel. I asked them what the Gospel is? Not one of them could explain it.

I explained it to them one step at a time. I distinquished the Gospel from Religion.

Being born again, is important. It’s not just a set of rules. It’s being set free.

They walked out of that room stunned.

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