Trump has gone all in. He has accused Obama of committing a felony while in office. There is no going back now. He is either going to win this fight, or lose and his presidency may as well be over. It is an amazing thing to have a president who defends himself and doesn’t appease all those around him. Trump is, in many ways, what a man should be.

Churches are still not leading the fight, although they are starting to move right. The Bible says it, pastors are going to be the ones who lead the flock astray. We are seeing it before our very eyes. Fortunately, the sheep are waking up. Never in the past 20 years have people move towards the real gospel and the position of truth than they are now. There is hope.

The time before Adam. Genesis 1 says that the earth, “Became” formless and “Chaotic”. Satan began his deception of us in verse two of the Bible. There were races of people and things before Adam, but they lost the light. God decided to, “Let there be light” and Adam was born. A new age of man at God’s specific direction. It is enlivening and exciting to think that there is more to this world than we have been taught. God is even bigger than we first imagined.

Look, question, seek truth wherever it may be found. Pass the Salt.

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