Trust but Verify | Coach Dave Live | 1-6-2020

In this information age how do we “trust but verify?”  How do we figure out what and who to trust?

Coach offered some thoughts on the Iran situation where the second most powerful political figure in Iran was killed by a drone.  “It’s amazing to me what our government is able to do with drones and surveillance.” Offered Coach.  “Do we even need soldiers anymore?”

We don’t understand the depth of all of this.  “What is going on here, Lord?” Asked Coach.  “What we’re seeing going on with the American government is just a microcosm of what is going on all over the world.”

Who can you trust?  “We are so surrounded by lies now that we’re having a hard time deciding who we can trust.” Said Coach.  “We live in an age of deception.”

A man in the Huddle mentioned that over 35,000 drones are authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act to fly over America.  “Your only adequate preparation in our times is love for the Lord.” Said Coach.  “Your life is in the Lord’s hands.”

Coach announced that he’s going to support Alan Hoyle in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 15th.  He went on to talk about the plans that are coming together for 2020 for events.  “2020 is going to be a make or break year for America.” Coach observed about the events that are coming together.

Coach showed a Facebook group called “Ohio Stands United.”  He urged folks to check out similar groups that are forming in their local areas.  “At some point we have to lay down our swords against each other and we have to assemble together.” Observed Coach.  “Are we united against potential actions by local Muslim terror cells?” Asked Coach.  “I think we need to be prepared.”

Coach read from Psalm 2 and talked about the Richard Jewell film by Clint Eastwood.  He shared a short clip from a YouTube called Irrefutable: Dustification.  See the link below.

“The twin towers didn’t collapse.  They dustified.” Said Coach.

The Huddle watched the dustification of the Twin Towers.  “Where is the debris?” Asked Coach.  The Huddle then discussed the law of conservation of energy and Judy Wood’s work regarding the Twin Towers being dustified.

How can we be nineteen years removed from this event and nobody is doing anything about it.  America isn’t ready to deal with this year.  The devil is the author of lies.  Our weapon in truth.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders Keepers.”  Find the Amazon link below.

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