We need men we can trust. The world is falling apart, the satanic left is destroying our country. The church is allowing it to happen, but not everyone is allowing it to happen. Men are waking up all over the country realizing they must do something. It is time to act. Coach is looking for men he can trust.

Down in Texas there was a anti-abortion rally, about 500 people showed up. Unbeknownst to the pro-lifers, there was an anti-trump rally on the other side of the statehouse. Perfect! Coach gathered up his crew of six men and went over to see what the God haters were up to. They were worshipping Allah.

Listen folks, this fight is clearly Jesus Christ vs False idols and false gods. It’s coming out everywhere. In a town hall meeting in Louisiana the liberal crowd yelled, “Lucifer!” in the face of a republican senator praying in Jesus name.

Men, be men. Pass the Salt.

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