Today’s show is a discussion of things that appear true but are not, and how to renew our minds biblically to discern real truth.

Examples of what may be popular lies includes what happened on 911 at the World Trade Towers and many Christmas traditions we take for granted, like telling our children Santa Claus exists.

Regarding 911, there has been a major breakthrough. A Federal Grand Jury is to Hear Evidence of WTC Demolition.  Is what we saw and heard on 911 true? What really happened to those towers? Were they internally demolished, with a planned demolition that day?

What about our Christmas traditions? Should we tell our children Santa Claus exists? Are Christmas trees in churches and mega gift-giving what we need?

Coach and Michele are going to Urbana 2018 this week with Matt Trewhella. Telling the truth about the unborn, even though it is popularly accepted as okay, because abortion is legal. What is the truth? We’re going to tell the truth.

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